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Chinese Network on DFS

Millennium Elephant Foundation - Paper Recycling Factory

Part 260 - Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims

Final Indulgence: Our Eco-Coffins

In Business, The Magazine For Sustainable Enterprises & Communities

Strategies for Eco-Entrepreneurs - Profiles

Solutions for Business

Welcome To Better Packages

Transport Packaging Strategies

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)

WasteWise Homepage

U.S. EPA - Product Stewardship

GREENBUZZ for May 14, 2001


Free Marketing Plans for Businesses - MarketIt Right - Home

Fact Sheets - Paper and Cardboard


PackagingLaw.com - The On-Line Resource for Packaging Law

ERP Environment

Environmental Sustainability Index

SARC Write-up - W32.Badtrans.13312@mm

Boise Cascade: an American Disgrace -- Rainforest Action Network



Sustainable Development - welcome to Sustainable Development Online

Sustainable Forest Products Markets Necessary for Sustainable Forest Management ­ and vice versa! - 00tim6e.htm -

Georgia-Pacific Community - Environment

Jones on Prairie Paper

Kenaf paper products by Continuum

Glossary of Papermaking Terms

A Few Facts about Fires and Logging American Wildlands

Defenders of Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation

Case studies from the workshop

Recycled Plastic Lumber Project Summary

Sol Plastics - Manufacturer of 100% recycled plastic pallets

Press Releases - Incompatibility of German Packaging Rules with EU law

Packaging jobs, education, training, mentoring for Women in Packaging -- home page

dotpackaging - Home

Environmental Packaging International

SJSU Packaging - Home Page

Environmental Packaging International

Canadian Plastics Industry Association information on issues of plastic manufacturing in Canada, reuse of plastic, plastics recycling, health, industry, safety and the environment

EU Packaging Waste Law

Packaging Business

Environment News Service: Radical Shift in EU Packaging Law Demanded

EC Packaging Law

PackagingLaw.com - The On-Line Resource for Packaging Law

Cellulose Polymers

Plastics and our World - Plastic Bottles

Non-wood forest products for rural income and sustainable forestry

E/CN.17/1996/5/Add.1 Changing consumption and production patterns Addendum

IndustryClick Article

RPA100.com | The Web Site of the 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance

The 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance Sponsors Fourth Annual America Recycles Day

Paper Factoids

History of Plastics

Clear-Cutting Changes Wildlife Habitat (News Feature)



Ecology Fast Factlist from planetpals


History of Hemp

HydroPolyPonic Systems, Inc., Hydropolyponic Plants

Out of the Woods- Reducing Wood Consumption to Save the World's Forests

NRE: Forestry: Private Forestry Taskforce: Towards a Victorian Private Forestry Strategy: Part A - Strategy Rationale

Friends of the Earth: Living World: Reducing Wood Consumption

paperloop.com : A premier information and business exchange for the global paper, printing and converting industries.

Sustainable Markets - Rethinking Paper Consumption - 1&2

The Forest Products Conservation & Recycling Review--March 2000

Tom's of Maine - Welcome to our Website

RPA100.com | Members Area | Links

Pulp and Paper Products resources at business.com

Printing Industry of Minnesota

Buy Recycled: Minnesota Recycled Products Directory

Custom Paper Tubes, Inc.

Pacific Paper Tube - Paper Tubes and Cores - Products

Custom Paper Tubes, Inc.

Wal-Mart Good. Works. : Our Environment

EE Link: EE Organizations and Projects - State and Regional

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Rock-Tenn Company

Waste Reduction and Recycling InformationWaste Reduction and Recycling Information

Pennsylvania Automotive Recycling Trade Society

FDA/CFSAN A Food Labeling Guide


Bio Plastics

Need a Fill Up?...Biodiesel Web Site

Green Glass USA

GreenBiz | News Center | News


NWPC - Reduce Business Junk Mail


Incpen Home Page

Packaging: Waste regulations

U.S. Government Printing Office

The Federal Register (1994 to present)

Find a Lawyer - Hire an Attorney - Law Legal Lawsuit Firms - Lawyers.com

Find an Attorney - Divorce Malpractice Criminal Lawyers - Lawyers.com

Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide

Guiding Principles of Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design Group

The Journal of Sustainable Product Design

Design for Environment (DfE) for DOE

Welcome to Sustainable by Design!

National Resource List of Virgin Wood-Free Papers

Department of Wood and Paper Science, University of Minnesota

Pulp and Paper Asia

Severnside Recycling: news and paper market update.

Liew Hoy Paper Box Sdn Bhd - manufacturer corrugated carton offset printing packaging Malaysia

Changing Future for Paper

IIED: Environmental Economics

Rethinking Paper Consumption - part 4

Do We Have Enough Forests?

Wood Consumption

Green Seal--Homepage

The Natural Step/US


Recycling is Everyone's Business

100% Recycled Paperboard

GreenBook - Marketing Research Directory Worldwide

alt.culture: green marketing

Forest Nursery Notes (10/92) - Ecological Alternatives

Paper Recycling - Environment Net Links

Forest Industry - Forestry Net Links

All States Packaging Group. Environmental Programme

Weyerhaeuser - Pulp, Paper, Packaging and Recycling

Weyerhaeuser - Home

Korean Forest Industry Trends

Food-Service Packaging - Composite Materials

Fact sheet: U.S.-Taiwan Market Access Agreement, 2/23/98


Packaged Goods Companies / Retailers


Paper Dictionary



The Independent Press Association represents over 150 magazines and community newspapers



Custom Papers

Consumers Are Key

Recycled Paperboard Marketing (Cipra96)

(Our View) Momentum Builds for 100% Recycled Paperboard (PMPN archive, Jul 99)

How is Paperboard Packaging Recycled

Georgia-Pacific: Pulp and Paperboard: Recycling



Fort James the preeminent international consumer paper products company

5 Major Myths about Garbage and Why They're Wrong - Reading Room - plastics resource

The Big Picture: Life-Cycle Analysis

AIChE Forest Products Home Page

European Foundation | Sustainable Development | Introduction

Landfill in the year 2010, Kids Pages (Monroe County Solid Waste Management District)

Rock-Tenn Company: Recycled Paperboard

Minas Basin Pulp and Power: Manufacturer of 100% Recycled Paperboard Products

Environmental Sciences Web Resources


WoodWise Business Pledge Product List

What's Going On?

ReThink Paper's Paper Clips newsletter, Volume I, Issue 1 - Winter 1998-1999

NikeBiz | Environment Forest Policy

EHP Rethinking Recycling


Operation: Landfill Elimination

U.S. National Assessment - The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change

Viridian Design Movement Mailing List & Link Archive



Headwaters Forest Earth First!


National Agricultural Statistics Service for U.S. Agriculture Statistical Information and Graphics

Greenleaf Publishing

Printing News Online -- 5.24.99 -- Paperworks

Retail Trade and Environmental Responsibility in a Euro-Med Context

Reefer Madness!: William Randolf Hearst Essay

Consider the Source: Conspiracy Theories...Part 3



U.S. Cotton Exchange, Inc.

National Cotton Council of America Home Page

Cotton Council International - COTTON USA

Title Page

Tree-Free Alternative

Talking Leaves: Spring/Summer 1998

paperloop.com : A premier information and business exchange for the global paper, printing and converting industries.

rockport publishers--architecture, graphic design, interior design, arts, crafts, and lifestyle books

ZANDERS Feinpapiere AG - Paper for perfection

Glass Packaging Institute - Celebrating a New Century in Glass Packaging

Poppy Evans Author


Conservatree - paper selection for the environment

Earth-friendly Design

The Orion Society

The Busy Person's Guide to Greener Living

Environmental Defense : Donations

About's Graphic Design site will help you become a better graphic designer

MyFonts.com: Find fonts, Try fonts, Buy fonts


biopolymer.net | online resources for a better environment

Greener Procurement

Fletcher Challenge 1996 Paper: Waste Not Want Not

555-1212.com - Area Codes, Area Code Lookup Services

Packaging Specialties - Packaging Supplies, Products and More - SHRINK WRAP and SUPPLIES


Presentation Packaging - Impression

Pulp and Paperworkers' Resource Council Homepage

eco-planet.com - The Gateway to a clean and green world


Sunburst Bottle Company