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The internet's oldest, and deepest, resource for sustainable packaging, marketing and print.

We constantly search for new ways to serve our clients, plus help push design forward as a partner in market greening. As we locate information on alternative packaging technologies, and marketing ideas, we'll post them here. If you have a site that offers information on environmentally responsible packaging or resources for green design, please let us know.

Coming here before you started your project was the first step to expanding eco-responsibility in the marketplace. Would you like to get more involved? Join us at and the designers of the o2 Network to get the word out.

We are creating our future with each new product we bring to the market. Eco-responsibility is not just a happy sounding theory, it's good business.

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Appearing on this page does not imply an endorsement of services, or accuracy of information. In fact some resources provided here we think have really missed the mark, but are supplied in an effort to fully understand all sides of the sustainability issue. You be the judge.

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Eco-packaging Check List:
When looking for an appropriate package here is our eco-preference list based on existing options:

1) Renewable substrates that ARE recycled AND/OR composted. [Paper/wood, paper/non-wood, PLA]
2) Renewable substrates that COULD BE recycled and/or composted. AND, do not cause problems for recycling programs in place. [Paper aseptic cartons, PLA food serviceware and concumer packaging {clamshells, blister}]
3) Non-renewable but profitably recoverable substrates that recycle infinitely. [glass, aluminum. steel]
4) Recyclable non-renewables as part of a refill program. []
5) Source minimal substrates that aren't recyclable. [aseptic pouches, refill pouches]
6) Recyclable non-renewables that don't downcycle directly to #7, but have a useful interim life. [PETE, HDPE, LDPE]

ALL of the options need to be produced as close to the point of product manufacture as possible. It's not particularly eco if it has to travel several thousand miles, just to become future garbage.

Here is the definition of sustainable packaging in general, as refined by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition:
1. Is beneficial, safe & healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle;
2. Meets market criteria for performance and cost;
3. Is sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy;
4. Maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials;
5. Is manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices;
6. Is made from materials healthy in all probable end of life scenarios;
7. Is physically designed to optimize materials and energy;
8. Is effectively recovered and utilized in biological and/or industrial cradle to cradle cycles.

ALL choices need to be looked at with the idea of adding as LITTLE extra materials as possible, to make recycling a clean and profitable process. Example: for boxes, there are many structures that can be closed and secured -- without -- tape. Talk to your converter or a packaging designer to go over options at the beginning of your product design process to maximize product/package symbioses.

Make sure your choice is put through the filters above. Sometimes what you THINK is eco, really isn't. Packaging is a system charged with moving your product, not a thing.

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Design:Green / Design eco-ness measure

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Sustainable Packaging Coalition / Definition Project / Eco-design Blog

Sustainability Update / Package Design Magazine

Watershed Media / Paper or Plastic — Resources

What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?

Web Reference

(!!!) Pajunas Interactive, Inc. / Host + Eco Advocate


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American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

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Environmental Defense / Paper Impact Calculator


Alonzo Printing / Eco-Printer

(!!!) Arthouse / Waterbase screen printing

Great Printers Project / Contact List of Great (Eco) Printers

Greg Barber Company / Eco-Printer

Honsa Printing / Just a great little shop.

(!!!) Johnson Printing & Packaging / All wind powered!

(!!!) Liberty Carton Company / 100%PCW packaging + transport solutions

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The Limits for a Transatlantic Approach

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CandH Packaging / Stand-up Pouches

Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation

Pharmaceutical + Medical Packaging News / Case Study


Consumer Behavior + Marketing

Buying a Piece Of the Limelight


Green Marketing for Kids' Products

Green Marketing & Management On-line

Greener Marketing

Principles of Green Marketing

Product Claims Must Meet New California Standards

Understanding Brand Equity

U.S. Green Marketing Activities

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Environmental Impact

Buyer Perception, Consumption Reality    

Anti-Recycling Myths

Consumers in Europe Group News

Cultural Creatives / 25% of US Population: 'We care + we spend money'

Environmental Marketing Tips
For printers, but the rules apply to all

Eco-responsibility + Consumer Perception / Article

Ethical Consumer


Global Climate Change / PEW Center

Pew Centre on Global Climate Change / Article

Positive Consumer Perception - Leveraging Green / Tree-free

Retail Trade + Environmental Responsibility in a Euro-Med Context / Article

Shopper, Spare That Tree! / Article

Sustainable Consumption Network (

Eco Considerations for the Print Buyer  
Environmental Considerations for the Print Buyer    Printing Green: Choosing The Right Paper
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AtKisson + Assoc.

Books for Sustainable Living

Environics International

The Environmental Bookstore

Environmental Technology Exchange


(!!!) J. Ottman Consulting, Inc. / Green Marketing

PRé Consultants BV / LCA Software Demo Download

Life Cycle Assessment

MnTAP Worksheet / Waste Prevention Self-Assessment

Multi-lifecycle Engineering Research Center

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o2 Network

Alliance for Environmental Innovation

The Alliance for Sustainability

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)

Center for Economic Conversion / Sustainable Development Links

The Centre for Sustainable Design

Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies

Corporations + Sustainable Development / Article

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

EcoMarket International

Environmental Economics - Towards a Sustainable Paper Cycle

Environmental Innovation Earth Unit

European Foundation for Sustainable Development

ETMUEL / Eco-design + training for manufacture

Financial Performance / Socially Responsible Mutual Funds



GreenBiz / Tool Box

Green Leaf Publishing

The GreenMoney Journal

Green Seal / Standards for Environmentally Responsible Products

Greener by Design

Improving Industrial Environmental Performance

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Lohas Journal

Natural Step / Ecological + Economical Sustainability

"Products of a sustainable future" / Article

Sustainable Consumption + Production

"The Sustainability Challenge" / Article

Sustainable Development-related Sites

Sustainability-Driven Competitive Advantage

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dotpackaging / Environment News

Ecotech Eco-News

GreenBiz / Greenbuzz E-Newsletter

Sustainability Newsletter / MnOEA

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o2-USA Upper Midwest / News + Events from Upper Midwest Sustainability Community

Ottman Report / Green Marketing

Sustainable Development Online


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Jedlicka Design Portfolio / Eco-Design Samples

Oblique Strategies / Creative Jumper Cables

Positive Consumer Perception - Leveraging Green / Tree-free



Biobased Products + Bioenergy Resource   What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?


ECO-PACKAGING: Color Can Kill Recycling Effort / Article

Glass + Fiberglass Recycling Index

Glass Online / Glass industry portal

Glass Packaging Institute

Packaging Digest Article / Glass Packaging

"Rediscovering Glass Packaging" / Article

"The war between glass + plastics" / Article

What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?


Suppliers / Manufacturers

Cleveland Bottle

Essential Supplies / Glass Bottles, Jars, Vials + Closures

Twin City Bottle

United Glass / Supplier U.K.

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Bio/Environmentally Degradable Polymer Society

Biopolymer Network

Cellulose Film / "Plastic from wood"


Food Explorer / Materials get the "Green" Light

Nature Biotechnology / Degradable Plastics News

The Plastic Bag Association / Eco-cross links

Plastics Resource

PVC / Phase-outs and Alternatives from

Other Links

What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?

Bio-Plastics / Pro's + con's a rational look (Coming soon)


Suppliers / Manufacturers

Biocorp USA

Convex Plastics Corp.

Eco-Foam / Starch foam filler mfr.

National Starch and Chemical

NatureWorks, LLC / PLA mfr., a PVC + PET alternative

Pak-Sel / Mfr. of Cellulose Bags

PaperMart / Starch foam filler dealer

PVAXX Biocompostable Polymers


Storopack / Starch foam fillers mfr.

Sealed Air Recycling + Return Programs

Paper (Text Weight + Board)    

The Big Picture (from Forest to Landfill)

African Deforestation + Desertification

Boxboard Containers International

Certified Forest Products Council

Economic Impact of the Forest Industry on Canada

Environmental Economics - Towards a Sustainable Paper Cycle

European Forest Institute / Certification Information

Facts About Paper

Forest Futures / Tables + Graphs of Consumption

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics

Forest Stewardship Council

Forest World

History of Paper

Jeff Lindsay's Paper Industry Page

India Paper Market / Overview of paper

Low Impact Forestry Downeast

PaperAge Magazine

Paper Encyclopedia




Paper Recycling Facts

Paper Workers Resource Council

Positive Consumer Perception - Leveraging Green
Opportunities for renewable, non-wood packaging as part of a sustainable consumer market.

Printing Green: Choosing The Right Paper

Pulp + Paper Dictionary

Pulp and Paper Report Online

Shopper, Spare That Tree! / Article

SmartWood Program

State of the World's Forests 1999

TAPPI / Paper University - Earth Answers

Treecycle / Recycled paper + info source

The Tree-Free Alternative / Article

Tree Spacing Guide

Towards a Sustainable Paper Cycle

What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?


Alternative Fiber Info

(!!!) THE BIG LIST / Guide to Eco Papers

Alternatives to Wood Pulp

Cotton Council International

The Dupont/Hearst Story

Industrial Hemp as an Alternative Pulp for Paper

Kenaf ­ an Alternative Fibre Crop

Kenaf a Non-wood Paper Alternative

National Cotton Council 

Non-wood Fiber Crops

MSU Kenaf Research Pages

Organic Cotton

Positive Consumer Perception - Leveraging Green / Why use Tree-free?

ReThink Paper / Are you Y2K prepared for the wood fiber shortage?

Sierra Club / Why Tree-free?

US Cotton Exchange


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Pulp Molding

Int'l Molded Pulp Environmental Packaging Assoc.

Henry Molded Products

JEG Molded Paper

Orcon Inductries / Thermal formed pulp packaging


Paper Suppliers / Wholesale + Mills

(!!!) THE BIG LIST / Guide to Eco Papers

Anchor Paper / Paper Dealer

ANW Crestwood / Wholesale/Retail

Badger Paper

Cartiere Fedrigoni e C. S.p.A.

Costa Rica Natural / Wholesale/Retail

Crane Paper / Tree-free Cotton Papers

Crown Vantage

(!!!) CTI Paper / World's ONLY100% recycled translucent paper, Glama Natural®

Delta Paper / Packaging Materials

(!!!) Domtar Paper

Economy Paper Company

(!!!) EcoSource / Alternative Fiber Paper Source

Esleeck Paper

Expedex / Paper Dealer - Wholesale/Retail

(!) Four Corners Paper

(!!!) Fox River Paper

French Paper / Wholesale/Retail (Lots of recycled)

Gilbert Paper 

(!!!) Green Field Paper / Dealer + Mill

Graphic Packaging Arrow Gold / Packaging

Hammermill Paper

International Paper

Liberty Paper

Living Tree Paper / Tree-free, + Recycled

(!!!) Monadnock Paper Mills

Mohawk Paper

Neenah Paper

(!!!) New Leaf Paper

Olmsted-Kirk / Paper Dealer

Sealed Air Corp. / Paper 'Bubble Wrap'

Tayloe Paper

Treecycle / Recycled paper + info source

(!!!) Vision Paper / Kenaf + Recycled

Watson Paper Co.

WAM Paper

Weyerhaeuser Co.


Paper Suppliers / Retail

Agri-pulp Paper

ANW Crestwood / Wholesale/Retail

Communication Arts / Paper Resource Page

Costa Rica Natural / Wholesale/Retail

Eco-Mall / Paper Sources

Eco-Mall / Tree-fee Papers

(!!!) EcoSource / Alternative Fiber Paper Source

Eureka Recycled / Paper Source

Expedex / Paper Dealer - Wholesale/Retail

French Paper / Wholesale/Retail

(!!!) Green Field Paper / Eco-Paper Dealer + Mill

GreenLine Paper Co.

Japanese Paper Place

(!) Le Desktop

Fiber Options Paper Co. / Tree-free Papers

Living Tree Paper / Tree-free, + Recycled Blend Papers

Paper Depot

(!!!) Paper Direct

Pyramid Crafts Ltd.

ReThink Paper / Paper selector (Recycled + Tree-free)

Treecycle / Recycled paper + info source

Triad EcoFocus / Suppliers + Printers

West Wind Technology / Bamboo Products


Paper / Handmade

Washi - Japanese Paper



The Aluminum Assoc.

American Iron and Steel Institute

Food Explorer / Materials get the "Green" Light

Steel Recycles!

What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?


Suppliers / Manufacturers



Laws + Government Resources

Government Resources    


National Institute for Resources + Environment / Japan

Australia / New Zealand:

Environmental Economics Unit (Australia)


UK - Retail Packaging Recycling Bill

Eastern Europe:

Regional Environmental Center


Depatment of Justice - Canada



California Legislative Info

County of Honolulu's Refuse Division

Environmental Restoration

FDA / Regulations Enforced by FDA

Government Partners / EnviroSense

Green Government / Federal Acquisition Regulation

Henn Co, MN - Dept of Enviro. Services

Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

PA Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management

Toxins in Packaging / Pennsylvania

US Dept. of Energy Office of Waste Management

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

U.S. Senate / Law Look-up

What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?

Packaging Laws  

US and International Updates, Consultants, and Resources:

Recycling Laws International /

Recycling Laws + International Trade

Protection, Trade, + Environment

Sustainable Development Laws + Regulations

Europe (EU) / Eastern Europe:

EC Directive 94/62 / New EU Waste laws

Economic Instruments in Environment Policy

E.U. Waste Regulations: An Overview

Recycling of Packaging Materials The Ronchi Decree


Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act

Packaging Assoc. of Canada



FDA / Center for Food Safety

FDA / Cosmetic Act

FDA / Laws + Regulations Enforced


FTC / "Made in USA" Standard

Guides for the Use of Enviro. Marketing Claims

Laws Enforced by the U.S. FDA

US Congress on the Internet

Labeling and recycling, see also: Talk'n Trash

What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?


ORGs, EDUs + Programs

Consumer Groups / Activists / Eco-Info    

American Lands Alliance

Better World / Eco-zine

Buying Recycled-Content Products

Co-op America

Eco-Compass, the Internet Guide to Enviro-Info

`Eco-kosher' / Article: Torah advised Jews to be green.


Ecology + Buddhism

Eco-Rating International

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Activism + the Internet / Thesis


Ethical Consumer

Green Culture

Green Pages Online

The Global Eco-village Network

Happy Place

More with Less: Initiatives to promote sustainable consumption

PRC's Recycled Products Guide For Consumers + Small Business

Rainforest Action Network

Seventh Generation

Waste Prevention World

What Does 'GREEN' Mean?

Non-Profit + Industry Organizations  

American Center for Design

American Forest and Paper Association

American Institute of Graphic Arts

American Institute of Graphic Arts / Minnesota

Canadian Pulp and Paper Association

Coalition for Enviro-Responsible Economies

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology

Design for the World

The Demi Project

Environmental Defense

Environmental Industry Associations

FEFCO / Euro. Fed. of Corrugated Board Mfrs.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics


Glass Packaging Institute

The Institute of Packaging Professionals

Industrial Designers Society of America

National Paperbox Association

o2 Network


Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC)

SEEBA / South-East Enviro-Business Assoc.

The Sierra Club

Society for Responsible Design

Waste Prevention Association "3R"

Waste Management Council

Schools + Programs (Eco Subjects)     

The Center for Economic Conversion

Minneapolis College of Art and Design / Online

Surrey Institute of Art and Design



Eco-Malls + Green Products    

Aveda / Take Action

The Body Shop

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps / Recycled office supply


Ecology Store

EcoWeave / The Recycled Trash Company

Ethical Shopper




Natural Foods Merchandiser

Natural Life General Store

Organic Alliance

Paper Mart / Starch loose fill

Seventh Generation

SHOPPER, SPARE THAT TREE! / Directory of socially and environmentally responsible products and services.

Real Goods

The Recycled Trash Company

Treecycle Paper Goods

Procurement - Tools + Suppliers  


Buying Recycled Products Saves More Than Trees

Certified Forest Products Council

Greener Government Procurement

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)

NACO / Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

NACO / Publications Catalog Environment


Suppliers / Recycled office supply

Treecycle Paper Goods / Directory of socially and environmentally responsible products and services.


Talk'n Trash

Articles + Waste Issue Sites    

The Annenberg/CPB Project

Eco-Cycle / Oldest + largest non-profit recycler

Editorial: Landfill loser

EPA Figures


EPA - Office of Solid Waste

Eureka Recycling /

Garbage Links

"If not you, then who?" / MnOEA

Kids Recycle / search

Recycling Glossary

Recycling Laws International /

Recycling: The Third Great Transition

Recycler's World

SEEK / Sharing Environmental Knowledge

Solid Waste Assoc. of North America

Strategies for Waste Minimization

US Dept. of Waste Management

Waste Wise / EPA Program

Waste info:

Waste Links Page / Packaging Graphics Inc.

Local Programs By State (USA):

MnOEA - Local Government Assistance, Minnesota

NY Wa$teMatch, New York City's waste exchange


Recycling Info / Symbol Use / Environmental Marketing Claims:

Not an official site, but a super handy one stop shop:

European Commission Environmental Marketing Claims Guidelines (EU)

Federal Trade Commission Environmental Marketing Claims Guidelines (USA)

Assn. of Postconsmer Plastic Recyclers

100% Recycled Paperboard

American Forest & Paper Assn.

Aluminum Association
(No industry RECYCLED bugs as there is no industry wide content disclosure accounting. Check website for changes in industry disclosure practices.)

Glass Packaging Institute
(No industry RECYCLED bugs as there is no industry wide content disclosure accounting. Check website for changes in industry disclosure practices.)

Steel Recycling Institute
(No industry RECYCLED bugs as there is no industry wide content disclosure accounting. Check website for changes in industry disclosure practices.)

Recycling Today Online

What Do Those Recycling Symbols Mean?


Transport Packaging

Transport Packaging Issues    

Information - Pests to Plastic Lumber

Asian Longhorn Beetle / Federal Regulations

Asian Longhorn Beetle / Infestations Origins Map

Asian Longhorn Beetle / Risk Area Map

Beetlemania Attacks Trees

EPA Information

Plastic Lumber

Treats to Live Wood / Asian Longhorn Beetle

What's New with Plastic Lumber?

Why Use Recycled Plastic Lumber?


Reusable Non Wood Transport Packaging

Orcon Industries

Non-Wood Pallets / Eliminate reliance on virgin wood

Recycled Plastic Products, Inc.


U.S. Plastic Lumber

Prefab Primary + Transport Packaging

Presentation Packaging

Recycled Paper Tape

Unbox Corp.

Pallet Suppliers

Compliance Packaging International Ltd.


Eco Search + Activism

Other Eco Resource Link Lists    

African Deforestation + Desertification

Communication Arts - ECO Online

Eco-Compass / Internet Guide to Enviro. Info.

Eco Design Center / Resources + more!


EcoTech / Free newsletter, resources + more!


Environmental Yellow Pages

Environmental Cooperation Bulletin

Environmental Packaging International / Cross Link Page

EPA / Links Page

The Global Directory for Environmental Technology


The Industrial Waste Management Network / Global Packaging Search Engine

Nature / International Journal of Science

New Forests Project List of Packaging Publications

List of Packaging Publications (Packnews)

Packaging News

Packworld Online

Print Magazine Online

Printing World Online (DOTprint) / Directory of socially and environmentally responsible products and services.

Talking Leaves

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